Terminator 2 Task 7 Sound Design

Here below is the sound design task. All the sounds I used were from freesound.org making sure that the license for each of the samples was cc 1.0. Underneath this text you will find the video and report illustrating and detailing the task and its practical approaches.

Sounds taken from:

Door Creeks

Small motors

Popcorn popping


polariod flash

record scratches


value pump

bus door

apple crunch



metal clank

digital camera flash



My objective was to create a sound design sequence for Terminator 2.

Visual element/s highlighted

One of the parts I wanted to highlight was at 0.06’ where the robotic arms are moving in unison when drilling the robot body. I wanted to capture its smooth motion using the sound of a door squeak which changes pitch up or down dependant on its forward or back movement.

The composers approach you adopted:

From watching the film THX 1138 I closely observed how Walter Murch’s sound design played an integral part in capturing a scene’s context.  In the scene where Robert Duvall is getting examined, all the little arms and devices have sounds, which replicate small motors, clicks, pops and gyros giving the robotic parts a brittle and mechanical sound.

A MIDI/ sequencer technique you learnt:

A new audio technique I made use of was the piano roll’s automation control, which allowed easy pitch manipulation of selected samples through my self made exs24 SFX instrument.

What did you learn through this task that is an example of practice as research?

This task is practice as research as through experimenting with a large array of everyday sounds I gradually found ways of creating gestures which implied/suggested/etc the motion of a selected object. An example of this was my use of pitch to give an impression of a speeding up drill filament as it began to perforate the metal body frame.

What mark for this task would you award yourself and why?

I would give myself a 70% as I have created a piece that explores how sound can be manipulated in an accurate fashion to make a sound design piece believable and contain a strong amount of attention to detail.

Word Count: 247


THX 1138.1970.[dvd] George Lucas. America: Warner Bros


One response to “Terminator 2 Task 7 Sound Design

  1. great stuff an attention to detail ! what more can I say? sound excellent! ( a bit of EQ and a little reverb just to add a hint of space? just a hint, mind you…) well done !!

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