Scoring for Woodwind Task (Fantasia)

UPDATE: The video quality below is now a much better quality of video than the last version! 🙂



My objective was to compose a piece using woodwind instrumentation to the ‘Firebird’ section from Fantasia 2000.

Visual element/s highlighted

The clip demonstrates two clear contrasts; firstly nature’s spirit exploring the smoke from the crater and secondly to the dramatic eruption of the volcano which leads into a chase scene. I took inspiration from Stravinsky’s  ‘Firebird’  & ‘Rite of Spring’ as a basis for my composition.

The composers approach you adopted:

An aspect of “ The Rite of Spring- Part 2” in which I wanted to interpret was the staccato string motif. I used a similar string rhythm in my piece incorporating other instrumentation to play melody lines often on an offbeat on top of the steady pulse.

A MIDI/ sequencer technique you learnt:

In terms of technical findings, I made special use of the velocity MIDI parameter. This created a more dynamic orchestral setting that could better reflect the visuals.

A music technique you learnt through doing the task:

A music technique I learnt was woodwind colouration through listening to Stravinsky’s style of this technique and then applying it to my piece.

What did you learn through this task that is an example of practice as research?

Through emulating Stravinsky I learnt about how he uses ascending and descending scales of melodic motifs to link contrasting parts of the score together. I found through applying this it helped my piece have smoother transitions from one musical cue to the next.

What mark for this task would you award yourself and why?

I would award this task a 70 mark as I feel the extensive research and compositional process has improved my orchestral skills required to hopefully work effectively with the clip.

Word count: 246



Adler,Samuel. (1982). Scoring for Woodwinds. In: n/a The Study of Orchestration. London: W.W Norton and Company. 214-217.


IGOR STRAVINSKY. 1967. The Rite of Spring. Music Score. London: Boosey and Hawkes Publishers Limited


2 responses to “Scoring for Woodwind Task (Fantasia)

  1. awesome ! I think though, that the flute and oboe melodies could use some more idiomatic details at the start like mordentes and apoggiaturas, as it is they are a bit MIDI. Otherwise another great contribution from you. Dude you are on fire. Now give me concise brief and excellent reports that do justice to your outstanding practical work!!

  2. Thanks for the extremely quick feedback…it was literally 1 minute after loading the video!! 😀 Yes i will make amendment to the start, glad you like the score! The report will be in soon!


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