Psycho Task 3

Here below is the video and the new score for the film Physco (1960)



My objective was to compose a score for a section of the film Psycho.

Visual element/s highlighted

I particularly wanted to highlight the section where the lady is responding to the officer’s questions. I used a clear ostinato which used a call and response technique so that the phrase rose in pitch every time the lady answered the policeman’s question, to imply tension.

The composers approach you adopted:

The composition for this clip was inspired by Bernard Herman’s score for “Psycho”. I wanted to approach this task by using the film’s original theme but incorporating what I had learned from the “themes and variation” task to recycle and manipulate the themes in a creative manner.

A MIDI/ sequencer technique you learnt:

A MIDI editor I used was the piano roll. I used it for syncing parts carefully and accurately to ensure that the musical changes happened in cohesion with the visuals.

A music technique you learnt through doing the task:

A musical technique I used in this clip was the manipulation of notes within a theme to create variations, such as applying augmentation and diminution to the intervals between the notes.

What did you learn through this task that is an example of practice as research?

I found how to emphasize tension within the scene by creatively exploring the use of strings and certain unusual playing techniques of this instrument to create tension that would fit the context of the clip.

What mark for this task would you award yourself and why?

I would give this task a 65% mark  as I feel, through practice as research that my score is similar to the original with variations of the theme through the experimentation of arranging for strings.

Word count: 248


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